Wedding Themes to Make Your Big Day Special

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Obviously, you want your wedding to be the event of the century. Fun for your families, unique, and the party that your guests gush about for months to come. There are so many ideas to choose from, how can you find a theme that is both classy and individual to you and your fiancé? Glad you asked! Here are some awesome themes for inspiration!

The Roarin’ Twenties

It’s true, the twenties have pretty much never gone out of style. And with good reason! This era was all about glitz, glamor and having a great time. If you and your fiancé are outgoing, love to dance, and be the center of attention, this would be a great pick for you. Think of a big band, sequins, champagne, and fantastic feather boas. If you really want to go all out, find an old 20’s style hotel for your venue, dress all vendors (photographer, caterer, etc.) and wedding party in clothing appropriate for the era, and be ready to celebrate until midnight!

Black and White Ball

If you have a stately, elegant affair in mind, look no further. For this theme, you need to get your guests involved. Instruct them all to dress up in either black or white. Make sure the venue reflects your theme, as well, by being understated and classy. All decorations, tables, and centerpieces should be the correct colors. Make certain to play classical music, drink expensive wine, and learn to ballroom dance beforehand!

Mystery Wedding

Perhaps you and your fiancé are pranksters and love a good story. If this is the case, plan out your wedding as a murder mystery dinner on a huge scale. Send invitations explaining the dinner, whether or not each guest has a character to play, and telling them how to dress. After your ceremony, your reception will usher in the game portion of the evening. Having an excellent MC is necessary. Tell them to incorporate pauses in between the mystery for dances, drinks and talking with party goers. This may be the most unique of all wedding themes!

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Art Wedding

Are you the creative type who loves to be surrounded by paintings and sculptures? Then why not host your wedding at a museum or gallery? Your guests can browse through famous art works with cocktails, and think of the amazing photo opportunities! Also a bonus, few decorations are required. This is best for a couple who wants an upscale yet trendy wedding.


Have you always wanted to get married in the winter? Do you adore Autumn? Why not make it your theme? A winter wedding can be accentuated with silver and white, lots of sparkle, and Christmas trees, if appropriate. Spring events call for a pastel palette and lots of flowers. Summer weddings may be a great time for an outdoor venue and bright colors. Autumn needs deep red, orange and brown décor, and don’t forget to have cider on hand! To master this idea, simply think of what makes that time of year special. Sleigh rides? Roaring fires? Roses? Add it all into the theme.

Destination Wedding

To completely immerse yourself in a culture, you may want to give your guests the gift of a lifetime by inviting them to your destination wedding! The sky is the limit here. What place do you love, or want to visit? Hawaii? Paris? Colorado? Find somewhere that you and your fiancé are excited about.

Don’t forget to ensure that your decorations, clothing and music all compliment the setting you choose. (Bright colors and calm tunes for Hawaii, black and a classy band for Paris, etc.) The only rule for this one is to make it fun, and something you will look back on as a couple and love!

Themed weddings are an excellent choice for many marriages. You and your fiancé are unique, and there are plenty more ways to make a statement with your themed wedding than what is written here. The most important thing is to add little touches that mean a lot to you as a couple, and make sure your guests and the two of you will have the time of your life!